Tarot Gold

Daniela Donati – Astrology expert – Astrologia Svelata
“Tarot Gold” – edited by: Edizioni Freccia D’Oro

The mysterious and magical origins of tarots have bewitched whole generations of researchers and enthusiasts. Like other game cards, Ta- rots may have found their
origin during Ancient Egypt era (researchers found traces of the Major Arcana in the hieroglyphs). Other scientists, instead, found some similarities between tarots and the first middle age games and idols. Lastly, others see their origin in the Middle Age. Tarots are currently enjoying great popularity on the web and that’s why I decided to write this guide — to let people come close and dive into this wonderful and magical world. In this guide I am going to focus on the 22 Major Arcana (from latin Arcanus, unknown), which are considered to analyse the most impor- tant aspects of our lives (love, wealth, work etc), while the Minor Arcana (52 tarots) focus on the aspects of our everyday life, in depth. For each Major Arcana there will be a brief description, its divinatory/ positive message, i.e. when the card appears upright, and its opposite/ contrary message, i.e. when the card appears upside down.

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